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Your Next THC Drug Test and Why it Matters

(Editor’s Note; Anytime you see an asterisk* tap or click the adjacent highlighted phrase and a definition will pop up).

Your Next THC Drug Test is a dramatization of what can happen when you don’t prepare properly for a drug test.

You’re an athlete, or you work for this company that is convinced that weed is a tool of the devil. I can tell you from first-hand experience that weed is NOT a tool of the devil, but we can talk about that some other time.

Let’s take it a step further, your father is a cop and has been known to drug test his kids and that has and does happen. I’m not making this up.

Anyway, in a few short weeks, you might have to pee in a bottle and get tested for all types of substances including marijuana. invites you to read this article on Your Next THC Drug Test and why it still matters.

Pot typically contains large amounts of THC, which is the psychoactive component found in cannabis which is what this test is looking for.

I’m sorry Nil but we found some THC in your system and we can’t have a tool of the devil wandering around our company. Security will escort your dumb ass outside and off the premises.

Your Next THC Drug Test reminds you that we all know that weed is in the process of becoming decriminalized and getting legalized and accepted everywhere.

Unfortunately, “X” number of employers do not care about current trends in marijuana decriminalization, so you need to prepare for this damn drug test. The worst part, is you currently don’t even smoke pot, but you do take CBD and a lot of CBD includes traces of THC.

So now you ask me, “OK Expert, does this mean I stop taking CBD? They really help me with pain relief and anxiety.” Dude, you do not have to stop taking CBD, but you need to learn which CBD to buy. 

In pharmaceutical or industrial grade hemp (we will refer to both as hemp), along with CBD, there are over 100 other trace phytocannabinoids* including a minuscule amount of THC and various Terpenes*. In a normal extraction process, everything comes over. That is considered Full-spectrum CBD.

If you do not have to worry about a drug test, Full-spectrum CBD is the preferred choice. The additional trace amounts of other cannabinoids (including THC) and Terpenes work synergistically with cannabidiol providing a fuller effect than isolated cannabidiol.

Because there is less than 0.3% of THC in hemp you cannot get high. In fact, federal law dictates that there must be less than 0.3% THC in hemp. 

Just as Nil learned the hard way, there are companies that will test for THC. If you flunk that test, they can terminate you and unless you successfully challenge the test result you have no recourse.

If you have a decent or better job and you at least halfway like that job, you need to pass that testInstead of risking your job, you have CBD options available to you.

  1. Broad-spectrum CBD includes cannabidiol and other trace phytocannabinoids except for THC, and they will also include Terpenes. What matters, in this case, is Broad-spectrum CBD does NOT include THC.
  2. Isolates include cannabidiol and maybe some other trace phytocannabinoids except THC and no Terpenes. What matters, in this case, is Isolate CBD does NOT include THC.

Assuming cannabidiol strengths are equivalent, Broad-spectrum CBD is a better solution because they include Terpenes. The Terpenes may potentiate cannabidiol’s ability to alleviate symptoms.

A reputable and responsible vendor will provide independent lab results on their website for every CBD product they sell.

On the independent lab results are on the corresponding CBD product page and are very easy to find and download. They should/will be in either PDF or a graphics format so you can download them. PDF format is preferable.

These results will tell you the % of THC in the product. For both Broad-spectrum and Isolate the THC % should be ZERO. Not 0.0001%, but ZERO%. I can’t imagine that a reputable, responsible vendor would sell Broad-spectrum or Isolate with a published independent lab result listing THC above ZERO%.

Assume that THC will stay in your system for approximately 30 days. Do NOT assume you can get some strange exotic tea or potion that will mask the THC, so it does not show up on a drug test.

You are flat-out playing with fire if you try that one. You can’t play this like there is No THC Drug Test.

Protect yourself and do some forward planning so you can avoid losing that job. Do you really want to have that conversation with mom and dad?

But dad, isn’t it in the constitution?

I raised a moron. Nil, using THC is not in the constitution. Why must you constantly embarrass me by being a tool of the devil?

Don’t end up like Nil, figure it out, it’s not that hard.

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Thank you for reading Your Next THC Drug Test. 

Dudes, Groovy Hemp Company thanks you once again for stopping by.

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