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In-depth CBD Article: Why You Need to Worry About Your Next Drug Test Part 2

Groovy Hemp Company In-depth CBD Article, Why You Need to Worry About Your Next Drug Test Part 2

Over the years there have been all kinds of substances that claimed to mask THC or even flush THC out of your system. They were frequently in the form of some type of tea. They’d generally have a really silly name and lame packaging.

You couldn’t get this tea in your local supermarket, or, in a department store, or in a big box retail establishment. You could buy the tea mail-order, sometimes there’d be an ad in the back of a magazine that was focused on marijuana.

Or you could order through this 20th-century artifact known as a catalog. They were made from paper, were printed, and were mailed to your house.

I think you could also get that tea at various head shops. You could definitely obtain it at various specialty gift store chains that carried this item as a new-age novelty item.

These stores also sold tiny little pyramids that supposedly could sharpen razor blades overnight (they couldn’t).

Back then there were stoners who convinced themselves that whatever magical substance they used worked. My understanding of more grounded types was that it didn’t.

Groovy Hemp Company in-depth articles provide information on Organic, CBD Oil products along with other interesting subjects including Why You Need to Worry About Your Next Drug Test Part 2.

In Why You Need to Worry About Your Next Drug Test Part 2 you will observe that there are individuals today who will test the system and will fail miserably. You’d think people would learn from the failures of previous generations. We should know better by now.

And the surprises in Why You Need to Worry About Your Next Drug Test Part 2 are never-ending. If you flunk that test, they can terminate you. Unless you successfully challenge the test result you have no recourse.

If you have at least an adequate job or better and you, at least halfway like that job, you need to pass that test. Instead of losing your job and then catching all kinds of grief, there are CBD and CBG options available to you. The phrase that matters is THC-Free.

Broad-Spectrum and Isolate CBD and CBG do NOT include THC so they are classified as THC-Free. That means there is exactly zero THC in a product classified as THC-Free.

How do you confirm they don’t have THC? Again, a responsible and reputable vendor will provide independent lab results on their website for every CBD and CBG product they offer.

The independent lab results are on the corresponding CBD and CBG product page under the lab results tab. You can read, print, or download them.

Among other things, these results will tell you the % of THC in the product. For both Broad-spectrum and Isolates the THC % should be ZERO. Not 0.0001%, but ZERO%.

There may be variations on THC listed on this report (e.g. D9-THC. THCV, etc.). ZERO% THC will be listed as ND (none detected) or N/D (none detected).

Will the THC-Free CBD or CBG Oil products perform as well as the Full-spectrum CBD or CBG Oil products? There are many excellent products in the marketplace today.

In this article, we are suggesting that you experiment a little. You might find a THC-Free tincture, capsule, or gummy that exceeds expectations, and you pass that drug test.

I’m going to say this again. Do NOT assume you can get some strange exotic tea or potion that will mask the THC, so it doesn’t appear in the results of your drug test. You’re absolutely asking for trouble if you try that one.

Think the entire process through. Do some forward planning so you can avoid losing your job. Do you really want to have that conversation with mom and dad or your partner/significant other? That one will not end pretty. Figure it out, it’s not that difficult.

Reading Why You Need to Worry About Your Next Drug Test Part 2 can save you multiple heartaches. In case you somehow missed it, I strongly suggest reading Why You Need to Worry About Your Next Drug Test Part 1.

To further protect yourself take a few minutes and read the article discussing how long cannabis stays in your system listed below.

As reported in the March 3, 2023, issue of Medical News Today, “How long can you detect cannabis (marijuana) in the body?”. by Zawn Villines.

Medically reviewed by Zara Risoldi Cochrane, Pharm.D., M.S., FASCP.

(Tap or click to read the entire article).

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