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Groovy Hemp CBD Topicals, Made By Hemp After Golf CBD Topical Salve

Need Muscle Soreness Relief After a Tough 18 Holes? Learn About After Golf CBD Topical Salve

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I’m not a golfer. I probably don’t have the hand-to-eye coordination you need to be good at golf and I don’t have the patience. It’s not a stretch to imagine that I could not get off the first hole and end up wrapping a few clubs around a tree, or three.

But this isn’t about me. This is about golfers. Mostly for-real golfers who take their game seriously and put real effort, energy, and dedication into it. These are the people who are taking practice swings in the basement, knocking a ball into a net.

Others take dry swings in the garage when it’s 12 effing degrees outside. And the garage door is open. Dude, I’ve seen it. “Like, aren’t you cold?” “Nah, my swing is just warming up.” Then they flash a big smile just to show you it’s OK. provides Made By Hemp After Golf CBD Topical Salve, 150mg Organic CBD.

I’m wearing heavy gloves and a parka and they’re wearing golf gloves and a sweatsuit. And they’re always staring out of the garage to see where the ball landed, except there’s no ball, no fairway, and no golf course.

I know there’s at least one stone-dedicated golfer reading this, and he/she’s pissed, “Just because no one else can see the fairway, doesn’t mean it isn’t there…”

The Weather Channel is calling for an early spring with slightly to not so slightly above normal temperatures. That means golfers will be out there swinging away. Seriously, I completely respect their dedication to the game.

Of course, everyone forgets, that when you start playing for real, you involve all kinds of muscles that haven’t been used for a while.

Remember how sore that back or shoulder got last year? Well, you’re a year older, so guess what? Fortunately, Groovy Hemp Company has a CBD solution for When Muscles Are Sore.

After Golf Topical CBD Salve helps you recover from 18 holes in a minimal amount of time. Apply a generous amount directly to problem areas. Sore muscles and joints start feeling better and will continue to feel better.

This Salve includes Phytocannabinoids* (CBD and other cannabinoids), Terpenes*, and all kinds of organic and natural ingredients that are also great When Muscles Are Sore and are good for your skin.

After Golf CBD Topical Salve is the real deal, it’s not some topical that will temporarily warm sore areas without you feeling better after it wears off. This Salve reduces inflammation along with relieving pain and promoting real healing.

I don’t know if this will improve your golf game, but it will help make your long-term golfing experience a lot more enjoyable. 

After Golf CBD Topical Salve includes Full-spectrum CBD* which is a good thing. This product is made from American-grown, Industrial Grade Hemp Oil Extract

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