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In-depth Article - CBD Oil and Child Safety

Questions About CBD Oil and Child Safety? Groovy Has the Answers

We are in an era where people take do-it-yourself way too seriously. The advent and growth of the Internet allow us to move information around at a spectacular pace.

Almost everyone has access to the internet and can get answers to all kinds of questions. Unfortunately, in many cases the answers are wrong.

Too many people are convinced they know more about managing their bodies than most medical professionals (i.e., physicians). The problems created by that type of thinking are compounded when children are involved.

Many parents do not understand that children’s systems are still developing and not ready for CBD Oil products. In-depth article on CBD Oil and Child Safety. In-depth article on CBD Oil and Child Safety.

CBD Oil is formulated for adult systems, not children’s systems. As an industry, we’re still learning and trying to understand how CBD Oil impacts adult systems. We’re not even close to defining how those formulations interact with children’s systems.

Parents attempting to treat or “medicate” childhood issues with CBD Oil need to stop before they make the situation worse or create any damage to systems that are still immature and developing.

Let the medical professionals advise you on how to manage the issue. If you don’t have or lose faith in that medical professional, find a different one.

CBD Oil products are classified as Nutriceuticals (nutritional supplements) and are formulated for adults.  No responsible CBD Oil vendor will ever “prescribe” a specific product for a child. 

Currently, the only FDA-approved CBD-based pharmaceutical is Epidiolex. This is an oral spray used specifically for very young children who suffer from Dravet syndrome and Lennox-Gastaut syndrome.

These are conditions where these children have multiple seizures within an hour. Epidiolex is only prescribed by a physician.

CBD Oil and Child Safety, Some Basics

If your child is on a specific medication, then it is critical to check with the physician before you administer a CBD Oil product to your child. Why?

  • CBD Oil may not have the intended result(s).
  • There could be unintended and unwelcome side effects.
  • CBD Oil could also possibly interfere with the medication functioning properly. In-depth article on CBD Oil and Child Safety

As reported on the St. Louis Children’s Hospital Website,

From Washington University physician Jennifer Griffith, MD, PhD, a pediatric neurologist at St. Louis Children’s Hospital.

“Parents also need to be aware of CBD’s side effects, including sedation and generalized fatigue; insomnia; GI disturbances, especially nausea, vomiting, and abdominal pain; and most seriously, liver toxicity. “.

CBD in Pediatric Care: “First Do No Harm” Is Primary Consideration
Pam McGrath
St. Louis Children’s Hospital Website.

(Tap or click to read the entire article).

As reported in the April  26, 2021, issue of JAMA Pediatrics,

“CBD should only be used to treat children in special cases who have not responded to treatment for specific seizures or, possibly, autism spectrum disorder.

Stories of miracle cures for children are encouraging, but just because it is a plant product or is easily available does not make it safe to use in children.

Ask your primary care physician to discuss CBD use if you are curious or you think your child might benefit from it.”.

CBD Use in Children—Miracle, Myth, or Mystery?
JAMA Pediatrics Patient Page
Ruchita Kachru, MD1; Casey Perry-Lunardo, APRN1; Lindsay A. Thompson, MD, MS1,2.

(Tap or click to read the entire article).

Let’s say you are still inclined to “treat” your child with CBD Oil without input or directions from a medical professional (i.e., a physician).

Do you even know how to calculate the right serving size for a child? There’s no right answer to this question. 

With a pet, you can generally calculate CBD Oil serving size by the pet’s weight.

Of course, most CBD Oil products for pets are formulated specifically for either dogs or cats.

A child’s physiology is infinitely more complex, so, calculating a serving size by weight is not an especially good idea.

Again, managing a child’s medication without guidance from a physician (preferably a pediatrician with training and experience in child behavioral issues) is a terrible idea.

CBD Oil and Child Safety, Some Specifics

There is not nearly enough documentation for all the conditions where well-meaning parents have tried to use CBD Oil to manage a child’s medical/behavioral issue.

However, we do have information on some specific issues. One example is parents using CBD Oil to manage ADHD WITHOUT consulting with a Physician or medical professionals trained in treating juvenile behavioral issues.

As reported on April  14, 2023, on the WebMD Website,

“There is no scientific proof that CBD works or is safe for children. Until there is some proof that CBD is safe or effective to treat ADD, stimulant medicines such as Adderall are still a better option.

There is some evidence that CBD oil may help with anxiety, which some kids with ADHD also have. A 2018 study done on 60 children with autism showed that anxiety improved in 39% of the children.”.

Is it Safe to Give a Child CBD for ADHD?
Medically Reviewed by Dan Brennan, MD on April 14, 2023.
Written by WebMD Editorial Contributors.

(Tap or click to read the entire article).

Another example is parents using CBD Oil to manage Sleep Issues WITHOUT consulting with a Physician or medical professionals focused on juvenile behavioral issues.

As reported on January 5, 2024, in the Akron Children’s Website,

“Because CBD products are not controlled by the FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration), we don’t know which or how much of these dangerous chemicals are in them,” warned Dr. Pinto. “

What’s worse, there have been no studies done to tell us at what level do these chemicals cause poisoning in kids or if there are long-term effects on brain development.” 

Swaroop Pinto, MD, a pediatric sleep medicine physician and director of Akron Children’s Mahoning Valley Sleep Lab.

Is CBD Safe for Battling Kids’ Sleep Problems?
Lyndsey Frey
Akron Children’s

(Tap or click to read the entire article). In-depth article on CBD Oil and Child Safety.

Potential uses for CBD Oil with children could be autism, chronic anxiety disorder, and forms of epilepsy. Each case must be managed by a physician, preferably a pediatrician with training and experience in child behavioral issues. In a future post, we will take a deeper dive into those issues and a possible role for CBD Oil in managing those issues.

Groovy Hemp Company & CBD Oil and Child Safety Issues uses “age-gating” when you order. You must be 21 years of age or older to order from us. At least once on every page, we have the following message;

Keep Out of the Reach of Children, Especially Small Children.

The same message is displayed on the Usage Directions tab of every product page on the site.

Groovy Hemp Company & Delta 8 and Delta 9 and Child Safety

Middle School and High School students using Hemp-based Delta 8 and Delta 9 edibles (Gummies, Lollipops, Pastry, etc.),

If you are an adult Delta 8 Gummies, Baked Goods, and Chocolates can be a tasty, relaxing treat. There is anecdotal evidence that Delta 8 may have other benefits beyond helping you relax or get quality sleep.

Everyone must remember Delta 8 is formulated for adults and only adults. Under no circumstance should anyone under the age of 18 use these products.

Recently the issue was compounded by some Delta 8 and Delta 9 manufacturers packaging these products as if they were candy or snack food.

Some went as far as copying the trademarked product names and graphic designs of long-established candy manufacturers on their packaging.

That ended in early July 2023 when the FDA and FTC issued warning letters to six companies for illegally selling copycat food products containing Delta-8 THC.

Middle School and High School students Vaping CBD Oil but more than likely Hemp-based Delta 8 and Delta 9,

People under the age of 18 should not be vaping anything for several very good reasons. As mentioned above, a child’s systems are not fully developed. Children’s lungs and cardio systems are especially sensitive to the negative impact of vaping,

Children should not vape therapeutic CBD for the reasons mentioned earlier. They especially should not vape hemp-based Delta 8 or Delta 9.

Unless your child is getting vaping hardware and vaping oil from a 100% reputable source, they are exposing themself to an unacceptable amount of risk.

Work under the assumption that a no-name vaping oil besides having THC or CBD could also include microbials, mycotoxins, heavy metals, solvents, pesticides, and dangerous by-products.

Parents, do you really want your children to put that stuff in their lungs? I didn’t think so.

Groovy Hemp Company & CBD Oil Product Integrity

Even beyond child safety, in all cases, we want the consumer to know exactly what they are putting in or on their bodyIn almost all cases ingredients are available on each corresponding product page.

As always only provides hemp-based products with a high degree of purity and quality control.

These products are sourced from socially responsible vendors with extremely high ethical standards.

Again, in almost all cases Independent Lab Results (AKA COAs) are available for printing or download on each corresponding product page.

Tap or click and visit our CBD Wellness page and see how we can help you, 

All products are formulated from Industrial-grade or pharmaceutical-grade hemp grown and manufactured in the United States. Almost all additional ingredients are all-natural and/or organic.

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CBD Oil and Child Safety, The Big Wrap-up

As always, our goal is to educate the CBD Oil consumer so they can make better-informed buying decisions.

Groovy Hemp Company is your CBD Online Marketplace, Order Today!

Thank you for stopping by and reading CBD Oil and Child Safety

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