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Highland Pharms CBD Gummies Part 1

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Highland Pharms CBD Gummies Part 1 is a dramatization of what can happen when you haven’t had your daily serving of CBD.

Once again, we observe Aaron, a middle-aged man wearing a cloth designer surgical mask. He walks up to a supermarket entrance and grabs a cart. Before entering the store, a masked woman with a spray bottle and a wipe politely asks “Sir, can I wipe down the cart handle?” Yes, just like in the previous post.

As she works, he realizes his hands were all over that cart handle before she started cleaning it. Instinctively, he reaches into a pocket and grabs a small bottle of hand sanitizer. Unfortunately, we’re still in the not-so-wonderful world of coronavirus. So much fun.

Aaron rolls up to his driveway with 17 bags of groceries in the back. As he walks in through the mudroom, he talks to no one in particular,

“Someone please tell me why Nil’s grad school, had him start then decided to send all these people home after one week? Now he’s taking those lame remote classes. WTF am I paying for?” invites you to read about Highland Pharms CBD Gummies Part 1.

A Nil cutout sits in front of his notebook staring at a Zoom screen. The real Nil sits off to a side gaming on his smartphone.

Aaron knocks on Nil’s door, “Nil I could use some help with these groceries.” “Dude, I’m in class, it’s some really complex stuff. Those are just groceries.”

Aaron takes a deep breath. Then another one. It doesn’t matter. This time he bangs on the door HARD, “NIL, IT’S DAD, not dude, and I’m paying for grad school, not gaming. Get your ass down to the car NOW!”

Nil has that embarrassed “How did he know?” look on his face. As he opens the door.  “I thought learning remotely would be cool…It might actually be a worse idea than blockchain.”

Aaron forces a smile, “The oatmeal-based cheeseburgers you wanted need to stay frozen or they turn right back into bitcoins.”

As Nil runs down the steps Aaron sighs expressively, “There might be some hope for him yet. On the other hand, that effing university will never refund a penny of tuition or housing money.”

Is it the extreme stress caused by the continued coronavirus horror show, the moron administrators from the university, or is it Nil? And yes, it could be all three.

Being locked up in the house three days a week doing Zoom meetings is a step forward but it’s still one massive pain-in-the-ass adjustment. 

Dealing with the useless son has been a given for years. Aaron is still overstressed and now he can’t sleep. Is there a safe, non-habit-forming way to manage at least some of the stress and get a really deep sleep?

Highland Pharms CBD Gummies’ benefits include a healthy approach to reduce anxiety and stress.

Highland Pharms Hemp+ Gummies 20mg CBD can be naturally calming and soothing and may even help you sleep easier. This is not like drugging yourself. Hemp+ CBD Gummies is 100% natural, organic, non-GMO CBD.

There are 30 Gummies per bottle. Each great-tasting Gummies include 20mg of Full-spectrum CBD which is a good thing.

Each Highland Pharms Hemp+ Gummies 20mg CBD is formulated with Full Spectrum Hemp Oil (THC CBD) which many people think has a greater overall positive impact and could help you relax.

Groovy Hemp Company wants you to know that the CBD in this, or any Highland Pharms products are made from American-grown Industrial-Grade Hemp Oil Extract*.

Because each Gummie includes Full-spectrum CBD* you get the benefits of the Entourage Effect*

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