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Groovy Hemp Blog Review of Happy Joe Coffee, a CBD Infused Treasure

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Like a lot of other people, everyone at Groovy Hemp Company likes their coffee. I definitely need my coffee in the morning just like I need my serving of CBD*. Recently I had communications with one of the fine people at Happy Joe Coffee and they very graciously sent me a sample kit.

Before I get to my actual review, I’ll give you a short backgrounder on their CBD-infused coffee.
Nine of their coffees are infused with Broad-spectrum CBD* including;

  • One box of six K-Cups with their Signature Blend coffee, a medium roast.
  • A Single-Serve Pour Over pack with their Signature Blend coffee, a medium roast.
  • A box with 15 Single-Serve Pour-Over packs also with their Signature Blend coffee, a medium roast.
  • A 10oz bag of Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Medium Roast coffee beans or medium ground.
  • A 10oz bag of their Signature Blend coffee. Medium roast coffee beans or medium ground.
  • A 10oz bag of their decaf Medium Roast coffee beans or medium ground.
Happy Joe Coffe Graphic 1a

As per the COA published on the Happy Joe Coffee website;

“Each gram of our infused coffee contains 1.21 mg of active CBD. To calculate the amount of CBD in each serving, multiply the number of grams of coffee by 1.21. For example, our single-serve pour-over packs contain 17 grams of coffee. 17 grams x 1.21 mg = 20.57mg of CBD.”

The COA also indicates that no THC was detected.

The CBD that infuses Happy Joe Coffee is Water-soluble (nano-emulsified)*.

That means it has a much higher bioavailability than non-water-soluble CBD. Higher bioavailability means a higher percentage of CBD becomes usable by your system faster.

Happy Joe Coffee employs holistic, sustainable farming practices to grow its coffee. They use third-party testing from Cannasafe, the first accredited cannabis testing lab in the world.

Before you even drink a cup, you can’t help but like the company and how they go about their business.

BTW, Happy Joe Coffee also provides outstanding coffee that is not infused with CBD.

When we received the box of samples, I had no idea that I was going to do a review. I brewed my first cup from a K-Cup and after tasting and experiencing that first cup I knew that I needed to spread the word. No joke, this is the good stuff.

Even though I don’t consider myself a coffee fanatic or an expert I know good coffee from average or bad coffee, and I definitely know very good coffee from good coffee.

Happy Joe Coffee is very good. It is full-flavored, and full-bodied, yet very smooth. There was no bitterness and it tasted fresh.

Was it as good as the very good fresh-brewed coffee I get at my favorite diner, or a local establishment focused on providing quality coffee? Happy Joe Coffee matches up quite well and takes a back seat to no one plus it has CBD.

If there’s one thing I dislike about CBD Tinctures, it’s that “hempy taste” you get from the unflavored variety. When I order CBD or CBG* tinctures for myself I’ll always order flavored. Generally, I get peppermint or something close to that.

Happy Joe Coffee has no hempy taste at all. You do not taste or smell the CBD. All you taste is a terrific fresh-brewed cup of coffee. While you don’t taste the CBD you know it’s there. I definitely got the same positive impact I’d get from a serving of a quality CBD SoftGel or Tincture.

Does it sound like I’m a fan? You’re right, I am. Currently, Groovy does not provide infused beverages. Instead, I’m suggesting you go to the Happy Joe Coffee website,, and place an order today. 

When you order, save 10% by using the digital coupon code GROOVYHEMP (must be upper-case) during checkout. Just like magic, you’ll get some incredible CBD-infused coffee and save some money. What could be better?

The different CBD, CBN, and CBG Oil Products come in different serving sizes, strengths, and packaging configurations. Groovy Hemp Company has something for everyone.

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