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Understanding a CBD Oil Product COA, AKA Independent Lab Result

Read about Understanding a CBD Oil Product COA, AKA Independent Lab Result.

(Editor’s Note; Anytime you see an asterisk* tap or click the adjacent highlighted phrase and a definition will pop up).

Confused When You Read a CBD Oil Product COA? Keep Reading, That Help Just Arrived.

In the CBD Oil products world, the term COA is shorthand for Certificate of Analysis. What exactly is a COA? It is a document that gives you scientifically measured information about the CBD Oil product you’re about to put in or on your body.

Even a minimal COA tells you the amount of each type of Phytocannabinoids* in the product.

Let’s say you’re on CBD Oil Products e-commerce website. You’re looking at a specific product but you want to know more about it so you look for the corresponding COA.

Like most people, you’ll find the COA more or less incomprehensible. Because different vendors use different labs there is no standard layout for a COA.

Because a legitimate CBD Oil Product COA is in PDF format, you can read, print, or download it. The COA should be on the corresponding CBD Oil product page possibly under a tab labeled COA or lab results.

In many cases, the COA might be on a completely different page and might be lumped in with all the other COAs. There’s a good chance that it will not be clearly labeled. Good luck finding the corresponding COA for a particular product. At, a CBD Oil product COA is on the corresponding product page.

Among other things, these results will tell you the % of THC in the product. For both Broad-spectrum and Isolates, the THC % should be ZERO. Not 0.0001%, but ZERO%. 

As an example a professionally done COA will probably list at the top; the product type (e.g. gummies), the manufacturer, batch and sample information, and the collection and testing dates.

Further down the sheet, you see the amount and percentage of Δ9-THC (delta-9 THC),  Δ8-THC (delta-8 THC),  and CBD Oil in the sample information. For at least 95% of the people reading the COA, that is what they are looking for.

Read about Understanding a CBD Oil Product COA, AKA Independent Lab Result.
Read about Understanding a CBD Oil Product COA, AKA Independent Lab Result.

If you are concerned about Δ9-THC it could be in two places: 

  • Near the top of the sheet, you see the amount and percentage of Δ9-THC and CBD Oil in the sample information. For at least 95% of the people reading the COA, that is what they are looking for.
  • Further down the sheet, it might be listed in a column with other cannabinoids (e.g., CBD, CBG, etc.).
  • Δ8-THC is generally found in the column listing the other cannabinoids. 

If this is supposed to be a THC-Free product, then the result will be Upper case ND or N/D, for none detected. In many cases instead of the word Delta it will have a small delta icon to the left of the “9” or “8”.

Sound confusing? This is NOT by design, and it is not some weird, sinister conspiracy by the “Big Hemp Lobby”. I spent 3 years working in a clinical chemistry lab. I understand how lab people think.

It’s all science, scientific terms, and numbers to them. Do you want real boredom? Listen to a lab-nerd conversation about testing methodology. The rest of the COA might include a list of Terpenes but I would not expect that to happen very often. More sophisticated COAs include pesticides, micro-organisms, mycotoxins, heavy metals, and solvents.

The beauty of a very thorough COA is that you can pick and choose. Many people will only want to see the percentage or amount of THC present in that particular product. Others may want to take a deeper dive. A more complete COA produced by a reputable vendor functions as a confidence builder.

People sometimes make the mistake of buying CBD Oil Products from a brick-and-mortar or online Big Box, Supermarket, or Gas Station. Why would you ever buy CBD Oil products from a Gas Station? It’s not like the cashier would hand you a CBD Oil Product COA to complete your purchase…

Good luck finding a web address with a link to a COA. If you want CBD Oil peace of mind order from, where you will know exactly what you are buying..

Ordering your CBD online from Groovy Hemp Company is a much better approach. Quicker, cheaper, and easier. Way easier. Instead of settling for whatever is on a shelf, you get the CBD Oil Products you want. Those Products get delivered right to your door. Why would you shop anywhere else?

Read about Understanding a CBD Oil Product COA, AKA Independent Lab Result.

Groovy Hemp Company Provides You With a CBD Oil Product COA on Each Product Page

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As always, our goal is to help educate you, the CBD Oil consumer so you can make better-informed buying decisions.

Dudes, Groovy Hemp Company thanks you for stopping by and reading Understanding a CBD Oil Product COA,  AKA Independent Lab Results. Happy Trails!

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