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7 Deadly Sins People Commit When Buying CBD

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Learn About the 7 Deadly Sins People Commit When Buying CBD, You Might be Surprised

CBD Oil products* could do wonderful things for people. They may help reduce inflammation and provide topical pain relief. They might also relieve anxiety.

You might also want to consider CBD Oil for sleep issues.

Like any other product class, some types of CBD Oil are more useful than others.

In many cases, a smaller brand can be more focused on a specific set of needs. An example would be a brand focused on specific wellness issues e.g., sleep or anxiety. Blog Post on the 7 7 Deadly Sins People Commit When Buying CBD. Read and learn.

A smaller brand might have expertise in creating formulations that would address specific issues. In CBD there really is no one size fits all.

A CBD conventional wisdom would indicate that your larger, national, or international brands are better than smaller, lesser-known brands but that would be a false assumption.

Below are the 7 Deadly Sins People Commit When Buying CBD.

1: Buying from a Big Box.
Don’t think that buying “brand name” CBD Oil products in a Big Box is automatically a net positive. It isn’t. You can look at the package on the shelf but if you don’t know anything about:

  • The various types of CBD, various types of formulations, or
  • The strength of the CBD formulation relative to the type of CBD, or
  • How to define the ingredients and whether or not they can help you.

You’re really just guessing. In fact, you’re wasting your time and possibly your money. No matter where you buy your CBD Oil products, do your homework.

Learn what the different terms mean. When you read the ingredients, make sure you understand what they are. And get your hands on product Independent Lab Results (AKA Certificate of Analysis or COA).

Understand that there is no one working in a Big Box of any type who can get you the information you need so you can make an informed purchase.

Go up to the customer service desk and start asking questions like; “Which THC-Free CBD Oil tincture do you recommend?” You’ll get meaningful answers like, ”Was that in the ad?” or “I’ll have to talk to my manager first. or “I’m going on break.”.

Big boxes are geared towards selling established mass-market items that people use on a regular basis.

Products they’ve been using for generations. E.g., socks, laundry detergent, or breakfast cereal.

You don’t have to train staff on how to sell those products because they sell themselves.

You need to understand CBD Oil products to sell them properly. Most consumers are not “CBD-aware”, so they need informed information from the people selling those products.

Your Big Boxes are not going to spend the time and/or money to train staff on the different types of CBD Oil products and their associated benefits.

2: Buying from a convenience store, a gas station, or any store attached to a gas station.
Don’t get no-name CBD Oil Gummies, Tinctures, or Capsules at a gas station or a convenience store, and expect brand-name performance. Not happening. Not a prayer.

For example; People sometimes make the mistake of buying a CBD Oil Tincture or Gummies from a Gas Station/Donut Stand/Water Ice Stand. We’ve all seen them and maybe you’ve even stopped in one or two.

Consider this; You’re trying to get healthier and these guys are selling off-brand CBD Oil Gummies across the aisle from someone scooping Vanilla-Coconut-Root Beer water ice into a non-recycled plastic cup.

And did I mention he or she was wearing latex gloves that were older than…

The CBD is on a couple of Clip Strips next to a rack with three-year-old No-name soft drinks. Dude, the labels were about to fall off and the ugly green plastic bottles were looking, a little bit aged.

The CBD in question was a tincture and the bottles were in clear plastic baggies. If you didn’t mind the cobwebs and dust decorating the top of the baggies, then I guess the lack of an expiration date on the bottles wouldn’t bother you either. Blog Post on the 7 7 Deadly Sins People Commit When Buying CBD. Read and learn.

3: Buying the cheapest product, you can find.
Repeat after me; You get what you pay for. Really cheap, no-name CBD Oil products is a crapshoot, a gamble, at best an exercise in wasting your money. At worst it could be dangerous.

If it’s that cheap it could have ANYTHING in the formulation and the labeling could be highly inaccurate including misstated amounts of CBD or Delta 8, 9, or 10 THC.

What do I mean by ANYTHING?

As a starter how about hemp seed oil or olive oil instead of hemp oil extract? Then you need to worry about mycotoxins, solvents, pesticides, or heavy metals.

I wouldn’t want that stuff in my body. You shouldn’t either. It could make you violently ill with long-term effects. This is especially true for vapers.

4: Not understanding what you are buying. This includes buying a Delta 8 or 9 product when you really need a CBD Oil product.
Read the packaging, especially the labels. If you don’t understand what you are buying do your homework. Don’t be afraid to ask someone who really understands CBD Oil products.

Avoid articles or posts that use a lot of adjectives and make seemingly outrageous medical claims. Be very careful of articles or posts marked as paid, especially in trendy, new-age-type publications or blogs.

5: Not reading the directions or the COA.
If the manufacturer is reputable, usage directions should be somewhere on the packaging and possibly on the website.

If the directions are on the box or the container understand that the type might be very small. Make the effort and read it anyhow. Make no assumptions, read the directions.

If you’re on that company’s website, look for the corresponding COA. Like most people, you’ll find the COA more or less incomprehensible. Because different vendors use different labs there is no standard layout for a COA.

If you are concerned about Delta 9 THC it will be listed in a column with other cannabinoids (e.g., CBD, CBG, etc.). If this is supposed to be a THC-Free product, then the result will be ND or N/D, for none detected. In many cases instead of the word Delta it will have a small delta icon to the left of the “9”.

Sound confusing? This is NOT by design, and it is not some weird, sinister conspiracy by the “Big Hemp Lobby”. I spent 3 years working in a clinical chemistry lab, so I understand that this is how lab people think.

It’s all science, scientific terms, and numbers to them. Do you want real boredom? Listen to a lab-nerd conversation about testing methodology.

6: Buying CBD Oil products with Delta 9 THC if you are getting drug tested.
If you’re in a drug-testing situation there is a good possibility that you will get tested for Delta 9 THC. Marijuana typically contains a significant percentage of Delta 9 THC.

Whether you agree or disagree, getting tested for Delta 9 THC is still a fact of life for;

  • Many companies.
  • First-responders.
  • Student-athletes.

If you currently don’t even smoke pot but take CBD Oil products this test could still be a problem. Why? A specific class of CBD referred to as Full-spectrum CBD includes traces of Delta 9 THC.

Does this mean you stop taking all CBD? No, just Full-spectrum CBD.

Because there’s less than 0.3% of Delta 9 THC in Full-spectrum CBD, you are not going to/cannot get high from it. If you’re being tested, that doesn’t matter. The employer generally won’t care about the amount of THC, just that it’s there.

Before you purchase a Full-spectrum CBD Oil product, assume the Delta 9 THC will stay in your system for approximately 30 days, possibly more.

If you flunk that test, they can terminate you.
Instead of losing your job, there are CBD options available to you. The phrase that matters is THC-Free.

A skilled CBD manufacturer can design formulations to include specific types of organic compounds included in the final product. That gives you multiple choices.

If you don’t have to worry about a drug test, Full-spectrum CBD Oil products are currently one of the more preferred and popular choices. 

Broad-spectrum and Isolate CBD do NOT include THC. They are classified as THC-Free. meaning there is exactly zero THC in those products.

How do you confirm they don’t have THC? Again, a responsible and reputable vendor will provide COAs on their website for every CBD product they provide.

7: Buying vaping anything from the list below but especially buying vaping oil or dab from:

  • A tiny, local hole-in-the-wall store. or
  • A convenience store or a gas station. or
  • “Some guy you know”

This will no doubt piss off a lot of people. Unless you are getting vaping hardware and vaping oil from a 100% reputable source you are exposing yourself to an unacceptable amount of risk.

Work under the assumption that a no-name vaping oil besides having THC or CBD could also include microbial agents, mycotoxins, heavy metals, solvents, pesticides, and dangerous by-products. Do you really want to put that stuff in your lungs?

Let’s say you are going to buy pre-packaged vaping oil or a dab, powder, or crumble to create your own vaping oil. Once again buy from a reputable source that can provide a detailed COA, so you know exactly what you are buying.

If you already have diminished lung capacity, you might want to reconsider your decision to vape anyhow. Purchasing the wrong products from the wrong whoever could put your health in jeopardy. does not provide vaping hardware or oils. However, we do provide powders, crumbles, and concentrates from extremely reputable vendors.

There are reputable providers that provide safe and dependable vaping hardware and oils. I urge you to spend a little more to protect yourself.

To further protect yourself take a few minutes and read the vaping article listed below.

As reported in the February 22, 2023, issue of Forbes, “Your Guide To CBD Vaping: Safety, Side Effects And More”. by Emily Laurence.

(Tap or click to read the entire article). Blog Post on the 7 7 Deadly Sins People Commit When Buying CBD. Read and learn.

The Big Wrap-up
Ordering your CBD Oil products online from is a much smarter approach. You are purchasing Organic CBD Oil products from some of the top CBD Vendors on, or off, the web.

Each product page provides a corresponding COA(s), Ingredients, and Usage Directions. Groovy also provides a detailed Glossary, FAQs, In-depth articles, Blog Posts, a Podcast, and Videos.

If you can’t find your answer on a CBD-related issue in the CBD Learning Center, our email address is robb [at] groovyhempcompany [dot] com. Please Tap or Click to email us right now. We will respond within 24 hours.

Keep ALL CBD Oil products out of the reach of children, especially small children.

Please don’t ask us for medical advice. We will just suggest you contact your physician.

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